Why do people study Russian with small schools?

Reasons that may spark your interest

Published: 05.07.2021

5 reasons that may spark your interest

Hello, dear friend. If you are reading this, we can assume that you or your daily life is somehow connected with the biggest country in the world. Well, let us introduce ourselves first. We are the language school currently located in the North-West of Russia, but in the near future teaching online only (thank you, coronavirus). It doesn’t mean us to be focused on books and drills, live communication is the major part of learning the language with us.

Back to what we wanted to discuss. By this article we draw a line between Enjoy Russian School in the past with hundreds of students coming to Petrozavodsk every year, and Enjoy Russian School now with the same professional teachers and the team operating online only. But the study format doesn’t really matter, the reasons for it are always the same. This is why, before closing the door, we would like to pack and take a few boxes named after 5 most common reasons people studied with us.

Reason 1. Speaking practice

An academic competence is the basis of University study program. Russian is pretty difficult to learn, which is why the majority of professors prefer teaching the grammar more in detail, getting ready for the final test and leaving the speaking practice aside. A small school means smaller groups and a more comfortable pace. Its study plan includes useful everyday vocabulary and saves some time to practice it out. You will never learn much about swearwords or special vocabulary like the New Year feast. For example, at our school we speak a lot and not only with teachers, but with volunteers too. Students talk throughout the whole lesson, getting interrupted only by teachers’ tasks. There is also a Speaking Club which is devoted to a conversation for 60 minutes.

Reason 2. Тусить!

Once you enter the university, you are supposed to separate study and fun. Well, not in this case. «Тусить» is a really good word in Russian. Write it down. It means «to party, to hang out» but also when you attend online lessons with a really good and dynamic atmosphere. The one you enjoy, the one you feel absolutely comfortable in, and the one you come back every time. We make jokes, we laugh, we share experiences.

Reason 3. To study in a small group

Another significant advantage. It sometimes happens at university than the sentence students should repeat after a teacher one by one doesn’t simply reach you because your turn is after 54 people. Insane! Learning languages is all about practice, so in Enjoy Russian groups all 6-7 people talk a lot. During the first classes, it might be difficult to get rid of some common fears. What if I make a mistake? What will they think? And so on. But once you start speaking and see everyone’s support, all hesitations go away. So yes, it is definitely more efficient!

Reason 4. To fill the knowledge gaps and get ready for the exam in a short period of time

The greatest advantage of a small group study is that you can learn exactly what you need. Verbs of motion, prepositions, complicated Russian conjugation, pronunciation rules etc. The teacher notices each thing students struggle with and tries to move forward after everyone succeed. It is also possible to approach to a teacher and ask for an extra assignment to keep up with a group. An extra class is also possible, and it is more likely to happen with a small school tutor rather than a university professor (at least because they might be less busy). As a result, you can get ready for the exam faster.

Reason 5. To meet Russia online and to get ready for the trip

All in all, a private school gives you survival knowledge and usually the program is based on the vocabulary you will definitely use in the real life. Not only phrases, but the locations also change from lesson to lesson. Together with Enjoy Russian teachers, students travel from Moscow to Baikal, from Kamchatka to Karelia, learn more about indigenous people in different regions and exotic traditions of locals. Final projects are another proof that all the given information is highly relevant when in Russia.

To sum up, a small group study (= a private language school) is definitely worth trying, even if you didn’t think about it before. You can enjoy speaking practice and talk the majority of time, can have fun, make friends, make jokes, fill in the gaps in no time and pass the exam successfully. Are you interested? Then join us!

Test your Russian here and join the ongoing groups (Moscow time):

  • beginners – Monday and Thursday at 2 pm
  • A2 - Monday and Thursday at 2 pm
  • B1 – Tuesday and Friday at 8 pm
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