Published: 16.01.2021
Eden's story. Something she hates and loves Russian for

Hello everyone. Today's article is all about people. Meet Eden, an American girl who was raised between the US, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, and UAE and currently learning the language she loves from her childhood with the Enjoy Russian school.

Why do you learn Russian?
My first introduction to the language was when I was 7 years old and living in Kyrgyzstan. I grew a love for the language and Slavic culture through my time there. Years later, as an adult, I study it because I enjoy learning to express myself in a language that is so different from my mother tongue.

What do you associate Russia with?
I associate it with delicious food, guarded but genuine people, and harsh winters.

Did you hear anything about the country back in childhood?
In the US, I learned about Siberia in school and of course, we learned about Russia’s role in the Space Race. Russian influence in Kyrgyzstan was very strong around 2007. I remember watching mainly Russian MTV when my understanding of the language was very limited.

Have you ever been to Russia/thought about traveling to Russia?
I’ve never been to Russia but would love to travel there one day. I’ve researched the big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, but I’d also like to visit less popular cities like Murmansk and Oymyakon in Yakutia.
Can you describe the funniest moment connected with the Russian course?
I remember telling the class one of my favorite words in Russian is бумага (paper) because it reminded me of the primitive language cavemen spoke. Months later, we learned that the word used to describe Germans - немцы, meant mute people. I described a scenario where Russians were frustrated when the Germans couldn’t understand the word бумага after pointing at it and repeating the word. We all laughed.

What other languages do you know? What are your favorite ways to study?
I studied Spanish throughout high school but never became fluent in the language. The group format of my classes with Enjoy Russian has been the best method of language learning I’ve ever tried!

I hate Russian for …
Assigning genders to words that have to be conjugated in sentences!

I love Russian because …
In some of the most unexpected places, it’s likely that you can find someone who speaks Russian.

I was shocked to find out ...
There are far more nicknames in Russia than there are for common names found in the US.

My favorite phrase/word in Russian …
My favorite word in Russian is разговаривать (to converse). It was one of those tongue twisters that I couldn’t get right. I tried and failed to pronounce it correctly, even in my dreams that night of our lesson. I stuck with it, and was able to properly use it in a sentence in our next group class!

What’s your dream job? Do you think it might be connected with language skills?
I plan to work in San Francisco, where I know of many Russian expats who have created successful businesses and careers. With fluency in Russian, I will only expand the number of people I can form connections with!

Please, describe your favorite Russian movie/book
My favorite Russian series is called Ералаш (Yeralash). It’s a kid’s comedy sketch show that has funny scenarios. I love that the kids speak clearly and relatively slowly, it’s a great way to hear more natural conversation.

What’s your main Russian goal?
My main Russian goal is to be able to speak solely in Russian with friends. Being able to express myself in Russian full-time would be amazing!

Compare your culture with Russia. What is similar, what is different?
I think our cultures are very similar, young people are interested in the same things such as fashion, music, TikTok, and so on. A difference I’ve noticed is, generally, Americans wait longer than Russians to get married. Many Americans are in no hurry to get married until closer to 30 years old.
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