Teriberka. One mysterious place in Russia

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Published: 26.08.2021
A trip to the Arctic Ocean

With each day, more and more people from all parts of our large country rush up to the North. Yes, we are used to spending vacations in Europe, Thailand, Egypt, but now it is quite difficult. You have to constantly monitor new and removed restrictions and think about whether to get a shot or not to get one. Did you get vaccinated by the way?

Here they are, 3 main northern directions: Karelia (including the coast of the White Sea), the coast of Lake Ladoga with its beautiful Ladoga rocky stacks known as «шхеры», as well as the path to the Arctic Ocean, to Teriberka. We will take the last route today.

Off-road and hills

The entire route runs along the Kola highway, you need to go almost to Murmansk. On the way, you can stop near Belomorsk, see petroglyphs. You can sleep in a tent on the shores of White Sea Bay. Don’t forget to take a photo by the polar circle line. The further you go, the more unusual the road is. Low forest, and also very long descents and ascents. No, these are not mountains, rather hills. In Russia, they are called «сопки» (plural). And here we see the pointer. Teriberka.
What is Teriberka?

This is a village on the Kola Peninsula, on the shores of the Barents Sea. Quiet and unknown to anyone, 150 km from Murmansk. They say people learned about it after the Oscar-nominated film Leviathan ( «Левиафан», 2014). The population barely reaches 1000. Honestly, locals are more irritated by tourists, but they still have an income, especially from fishing tours. Usually, tourists do not stop in the village itself, but a little further, closer to the ocean. The nature here is harsh but very beautiful. Stones, huge waves, rocks, wild beaches in giant pebbles. Fascinating! It looks like Iceland, Scotland, and Norway at the same time.
Why is it attractive?

Of course, here you can just live in a tent and admire the landscapes. But for some reason, bloggers have come up with a "standard" must-see list.
• waterfall near the Battery lake
• stone beach (also known as a dragon- or dinosaur-egg beach)
• ship cemetery
• abandoned school
• artillery battery (actually, 4)

Check the exact location of all viewpoints here


  1. choose summer for the Russian North trip
  2. you can sleep in a tent, but get ready to return to the village or Murmansk because of the bears. If you see a bear, pretend to be big. Raise the tent above you!
  3. take a warm and rainwear clothing.
  4. rent a reliable car. Off-road, remember?
  5. put up a tent near the rocks or between them so that at night it will not be blown off by the wind

Enjoy your trip to Teriberka!
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