Published: 09.04.2020
Learn Russian for free on the Internet

Sometimes it happens when you download an app and it is not what you wanted. Or it has a lot of advertisement that distracts you from studying. Or you feel in the mood to read authentic articles and news in Russian but you don’t know where to find them. If you recognize yourself at least in one of these situations this article is for you, because we are going to share applications, sources, and dictionaries that will come in handy while learning the Russian language!
For beginners

Alphabet basics
  • Application Write it. Russian can help you with crazy Russian cursive. Ads are there but not really intrusive. After having finished your exercises you can show off your Russian writing skills in front of your friends.
  • Учим Русский is a good way for expanding your vocabulary. You can learn new words and phrases about general topics every day and check the usage in context. Moreover, there you can find entertaining quizzes and tests on grammar. The language of the app — only Russian, only hardcore!
  • Russian Alphabet Writing will help you to get on well with the Russian cursive. You can practice writing as much as you want. Turn the sound on!
  • Cyrillic is an app with a red face in the icon that will help you with the basics: reading and learning the Cyrillic alphabet. Besides, you will learn the history of Cyrillic, word stress, hard and soft signs (ъ and ь letters). Everything is explained in English and this app also provides you with examples of a Russian native speaker’s pronunciation.
  • Russian cases is a super useful app for those who want to practice constantly on their phones. It contains theory in English, tables with grammar, and examples. There are also tests on cases present!
  • is a dictionary that marks stress in every word and gives you examples of usage. The main feature exercises to learn new words!
  • Forvo is a website where you can find the pronunciation of any Russian word (in different cases) by Russian speakers! The disadvantage is that there are no transcriptions.
  • is a Russian dictionary that shows you meanings and translations in English.
  • Russian Grammatical Dictionary is the best option for learning and checking grammar!

For advanced learners

Developing skills
  • Arzamasis a Russian project dedicated to art, culture, and history. It is hard to talk briefly about it because there are many different components: lectures and audio lectures, series, interviews, journals, radio, and podcasts for true art connoisseurs. By the way, there is an application that we would point out: Pushkin. It’s a game by Arzamas where you can complete the gaps in Pushkin’s poems with emoji!
  • Podcasts on Yandex Musicabout money, motherhood (we bet they also discuss fatherhood, boys!), feminism, habits, mental disorders, food, prominent texts.
  • News websites:Meduza (mostly about politics),Мел (about education, children and teenagers),Такие дела (about social issues and charity), Тасс (official news).
  • is a perfect source to check to spell, meaning synonyms and antonyms, word stress, and Russian names!
  • Project Тотальный диктант is a great opportunity to do a string of tasks and write a text correctly. Originally it was only for Russians but in 2016 they made this engaging test for people learning Russian as a foreign language. For more information visit their website, you need Тест TruD!
  • is a source where you can find synonyms and similar expressions to enlarge your vocabulary, word compatibility, and associations. It is especially necessary when you write an essay or a letter and you lack words.
  • Litres is a popular website with e-books and audiobooks in Russian. Sometimes there are significant discounts or free books available.
  • Reverso is a multilingual contextual dictionary.
  • Pikabu — in brief, this is a Russian Reddit. Read authentic stories in Russian!

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